Disclaimer – I have been contacted by Packt publishing to read and comment the book. Except the book itself I did not get any benefits or compensation.
Dependency Injection with AngularJS – by Alex Knol
Dependency Injection with AngularJS – by Alex Knol

With this book about AngularJS Dependency Injection, Alex Knol attempts to focus on one but surely the most important part of AngularJS components.

You’ll first find a brief introduction about AngularJS, how to setup, and samples to get started. The book will then guide you through good practices and to the why and the how dependency injection helps your application to scale with new features. It covers the SOLID principles, and the complex subject of unit and functional (or e2e) testing with many code samples. Also it suggests code architecture to avoid your application to become a giant mess of .js files.

About the book itself, while it remain a very good introduction to enterprise level application with AngularJS, it stills focus on the essential of the dependency injection component of AngularJS. Experts won’t find here a complete description of all the facets of the library (factories, providers, container hooks and building process…). On the other hand, beginners and intermediate programmers will have a good vision of the power of dependency injection done right with AngularJS.

You can find the book on Pack here and follow Alex here.


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