As you may know, I am currently developing a Github client for windows phone 7, named Gi7. It is not complete yet even if it is functional. During that development, a friend of mine asked me for a Google Reader client.

As long as I am also using Google Reader and there is not really nice free app that is better than the mobile website, I decided to take au pause in the development of Gi7 to start a new app named Readr7. Hopefully the app is smaller and I shall continue the development of Gi7 soon.

What it does


The Readr7 app just does what a light Google Reader client should do.
– You can login and logout from your Google account.
– Then you have all your unread items with abstracts. They are automatically marked as read when scrolling the feed.
– You can of course access a configuration panel to selected folder and choose to see also marked as read items.
– Just tap on an item to open IE or make a long tap to manually mark as read/unread.
– Last but not least, if you pin the app to your home, the tile will be updated every 30 minutes with your unread items count.

About the development

As usual, I published the code to Github here. It shares some stuffs and concepts with the Gi7 app. You can of course get the code and contribute to the repo.

The code is almost finished. I just need to review some design (get a logo for instance), and bugs. About the last point, it is very important for me to get some external feedback, especially from developers who may run into error I did not though about and thus help be debug some issues.

About Google Reader, the bad thing is that it doesn’t have any official API. You can find some doc, but things may change without any advance notice. Whatever, the best doc I found is here:

As usual, I used my favorite tools:
RestSharp for fast access to the Google Reader API with easy json deserialization
MVVM light toolkit for easy use of the MVVM pattern
Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone that I recompiled for mango

Last but not least, I add a post build instruction to copy the xap file to the root of the solution so that you can directly download the last app version on github.


4 thoughts on “Meet Readr7: A new Google Reader client for windows phone 7

  1. Do you still plan to launch this app on the Marketplace? It looks like it’d be a great addition. None of the Google Reader applications on the Marketplace are quite doing it for me at this point.

    1. Yes, I am still planning to do so.
      I am currently working hard on Gi7 for a first official release and Readr7 should come after. Whatever, it needs mango to run, so I am not late yet.
      Still, thank you for your support! It shows me that my app deserves a proper release.

      1. I just recently added huge improvements on the app and I just submitted it.
        You can download it on the github or wait 2 or 3 days to find it in the marketplace 😉

  2. Great app. I’ve had it for about an hour, but it is already my favorite google reader client on my windows phone 7. Very nice work. The only thing I would change would be to auto load the next “page” of unread feeds after marking the current set as read rather than having to click the refresh button. Thanks for the work that went into this.

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