About me…

As you know, I am a student in ECE Paris. It is an engineer school with a 5 year program. I am going through the last year and I took a specialization in software development and security. My courses also contain some management, software design, user experience, marketing and other useful skills.

I also enjoyed traveling during my studies. I went for a full semester in Canada where I discovered new techniques and way to approach management and software development issues. Also I am currently packing for a seminar in California which will last for a month.

About my skills, I developed a lot for web applications with two main platforms. I have a personal big project on a community web site which I am developing with some friends of mine. It is based on the symphony framework with the Doctrine ORM. I was already familiar with web development in php but this framework made me go on a whole new scale. I took advantage of this project to put into practice Extreme Programming which was a really good experience, not easy at all but definitely interesting.

Also, I am currently finishing an internship that I voluntary spend on a complete different technology: .NET. At the beginning I wasn’t used to the Microsoft platform but I learned and I finally took part in the development as regular member of the team. We are developing a fully configurable web application designed for HR services that should fit the need of many customers. It is a very complex project based on several key technologies of the .NET framework such as asp.mvc, entity framework and unity. The architecture that we are developing also challenges major issues of nowadays developments. Again another agile methodology, we are practicing scrum.

In my personal life I also enjoy playing the guitar, movies, and reading. Well, I just don’t like getting bored.


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